Economical plastic removal by cleaning service

Cleaning service is especially economical in the plastic and polymer removal industry especially for

  • businesses that seldom or irregularly need to clean tools,
  • plastic processing companies that don't want to tie up capital in polymer removing systems,
  • businesses that use many different tools and, as a result, require multiple machines for plastic removal,
  • companies that process a variety of polymers and would like to be able to get the best results each time as well as
  • companies that would like to trial the special thermal cleaning processes and post-processes before they invest in their own cleaning machine.

A further advantage of cleaning service is that SCHWING combines all cleaning variants optimally and guarantees the best results. In this way it is possible to provide individual application, tool and or material specific cleaning concepts to meet the needs of any customer. Regular cleaning services with logistics plan and schedule guarantee can be summarized in a general agreement (CONTRACTCLEAN).

  • Fast and perfect component cleaning
  • Quality control and documentation
  • Microscopic inspection processes
  • Upon consultation: Disassembly and assembly of modules
  • Increased tool service life, longer durability, shorter machine downtime

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