Plastic Removal by Thermal Cleaning

For almost 30 years SCHWING has provided customised contract cleaning to the polymer processing industry. Since then more than 250,000 different parts are cleaned according to the highest quality and environmental standards and reintegrated into the customer's production process every year.

Reliable plastic or polymer removal must be adapted to a broad range of thermosetting material, elastomers and thermoplastics. In addition SCHWING, as a worldwide in-house manufacturer, uses all thermal cleaning methods such as e.g. fluidized bed systems, vacuum pyrolysis systems and other pyrolysis furnaces.

Plastic deposits on tool surfaces, residues of charred or degraded polymers and other contamination caused by releasing agent or grease is removed by optimised post-processing procedures.

Your advantage of SCHWING thermal cleaning:

Increased tool service life, longer durability, reduced machine downtime and limitable cleaning costs increase the efficiency of your production.

Learn more about the SCHWING cleaning services 24/7:

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