Plastic Removal: A-Z of component cleaning

Here you can find an overview of the tool and machine parts cleaned by SCHWING to remove polymers or plastics and inorganic contamination without leaving any residue. Until now there has been no part that we cannot clean. Try us out!

Residue free plastic / polymer removal for:

A: Accumulator head jackets, Accumulator heads, Adapter, Adapter pieces, Adapter tip, Aluminum tension jack, Anchor, Angle flange, Arburg screw, Arburg screws

B: Ball valve, Barrier mixer, Bearing seal, BFB head, BFKS, BFW, Blade holder, Blow film tool, Blow film tools, Blow film die, Blow film die head, Box, Brass bar, Brass bars, Breaker plate, Breaker plates, BSD assembly, Buffer container, Bulkhead seal, Burn-out part, Burn-out parts, Bushing, Bushings

C: Cable duct, Cachepot, Candle filter, Carrier plate, Carrier shaft, Cartridge filter, Casing head, Cast parts, Caster, Caster distributor, Casting mold, Casting molds, Casting slide, Circle with frame, Clamping ring, Closing nozzles, Closing nozzles, Co Ex die, Co Ex dies, CO EX extrusion die, CO EX extrusion dies, Coating tool, Coating tools, Comb, Connecting piece, Connecting piece, Connecting pieces, Contact roller, Contact rollers, Container, Cooker, Cooling trap, Copper nozzle, Cylinder

D: Deflection system, Degassing attachment, Degassing attachments, Degassing port, Die disk, Die disks, Die nozzle, Die parts, Die plate, Die plate 30 hole, Die plate Gala, Die plate UWG, Die plates, Die relief, Distributor, Distributor beam, Distributor block, Distributor cone, Distributor plate, Dome piping, Dosing unit, Double screw, Driving cap

E: Electric magnet, Electric motor, Electric motors, ET head, Ettlinger filter, Extruder part, Extruder parts, Extruder screen, Extruder screens, Extrusion die, Extrusion die disassembled, Extrusion die part, Extrusion die parts, Extrusion dies, Extrusion head, Extrusion heads, Extrusion screw, Extrusion screws, Extrusion tools

F: Fabric filter candles, Fan parts, Feed block cassettes, Feed blocks, Feedback, Film extrusion die, Film extrusion dies, Filter bundle, Filter candle, Filter candles, Filter cartridge, Filter changer, Filter element, Filter inserts, Filter lid, Filter nozzle, Filter nozzle and adapter, Filter nozzles, Filter round plate, Filter round plates with filter shaft, Filter shaft, Filter shaft and filter round plates, Filters, Fitting, Fitting parts, Fittings, Flame filter, Flame safeguard and separator, Flange, Frame

G: Glass tubes, Gneuß filter, Gneuß perforated screen plate, Gneuss filter, Gneuss perforated screen plate, Granulating disk, Grates

H: Heat exchanger, Heat exchanger bundle, Heat exchanger mixer, Heat exchangers from aluminum, Heat exchangers from copper, Hesta single die, Hesta storage die, Hot runner block, Hot runner bridges, Hot runner distributor, Hot runner distributor nozzles, Hot runner distributor small, Hot runner distributor sprayed, Hot runner distributor system, Hot runner distributor with cable duct, Hot runner distributor with plate, Hot runner nozzle, Hot runner nozzles, Hot runner system 3-part, Hook, Hopper, Hot melt nozzle, Hot melt nozzles, Hot runner, Hot runner distributor, Hot runner nozzle, Hot runner nozzles, Hot runners, Hot Spot, Hot-runner, Hot-spot, Housing

I: Injection cylinder, Injection cylinder accessories, Injection cylinder with screw, Injection cylinder with screw and die, Injection die, Injection mold, Injection mold, Injection molding cylinder, Injection molding dies, Injection plate, Injection plate, Injector head, Injector screw, Ink tank, Inlet port

J: Jaw plate, Jaw plates

L: Laser filter, Link Pipe UT 301, Link Pipe UT 701, Linkage, Lip

M: Machine nozzles, Machine part, Machine parts, Magneto bell, Magneto bell D1250, MB nozzle, Melt base plate, Melt blown nozzle, Melt container, Melt line, Melt lines, Melt mixer, Melt nozzles, Melt pump, Melt pump section, Melt pump sections, Melt pumps, Melt screen, Melt screens, Melt tank, Mixer heat exchanger, Mixer parts, Mixer SSM-X, Mixer SSM-X with housing, Mixer with housing, Mixing elements, Mixing inserts, Mixing nozzle, Mixing nozzle KM 650, Mixing pipe, Mixing pipes, Mold insert, Mold inserts, Mold plate, Mold plates, Mott filter, Multi nozzle, Multi nozzles, Multi wall sheet, Multi wall sheet nozzle, Multi wall sheet nozzles, Multi wall sheet tool, Multi-Corner

N: Needle bar, Needle shut-off nozzle, Needle shut-off nozzles, Nipple, Non-return valve, Nozzle, Nozzles, Nozzles

O: Oil filter

P: Painting suspension gear, Perforated screen plate, Perforated screen plates, Pfleiderer filter, Pipe logs, Pipe sections, Pipe zones, Pipes, Piping, Piston accumulator heads, Plate, Plate heat exchanger, Plates, Plug-in mixer, Plunger and screw with cylinder, Prefilter, Press plates, Propeller mixer, Pump, Pump housing, Pump lid, Pump parts, Pumps, Punched strip, Punched strips

Q: Queue

R: Rapidsolver, Reactor parts, Rectangular flange, Rieter spin pack, Rings, Roko filter nozzle, Roller blocks, Ross mixer, Rotation, Rotation axis with adapter, Rotor, Round hole plate

S: Safety valve, Scraper, Screen body, Screen cassettes, Screen changer, Screen changer parts, Screen circle, Screen disk, Screen finger, Screen positioning plate, Screens, Screw, Screw and cylinder, Screw cylinder, Screw elements, Screw pair, Screw shafts, Screw tips, Screw with cylinder, Screws, Separating heads, Separator, Shaft, Shafts, Sillboard, Slide blade, Small parts, Spacer, Spin beam, Spin nozzle, Spin nozzles, Spin pack, Spin packs, Spin pump shaft, Spinneret, Spinneret and accessories, Spinneret bars, Spinneret body, Spinneret comb, Spinneret element, Spinneret elements, Spinneret extensions, Spinneret extensions mixer, Spinneret head, Spinneret head closing nozzle, Spinneret heads, Spinneret heads and screws, Spinneret nipple, Spinneret nuts, Spinneret pack, Spinneret packs, Spinneret part, Spinneret parts, Spinneret plate, Spinneret plate WRG, Spinneret plates, Spinneret plates WRG, Spinneret retainer, Spinneret ring, Spinneret rings, Spinneret screw, Spinneret screws, Spinneret set, Spinneret set complete, Spinneret sets, Spinneret shaft, Spinneret shafts, Spinneret tools, Spinnerets, Spinnerets and mixer parts, Spinnerets and screws, Spinnerets and spinneret rings, Spinning head, Spools, Spunbond nozzle plates, Stainer plates, Stainless steel webs, Static mixer, Static mixer open, Static mixer with housing, Stator, Steel sleeves, Strainer basket, Strainer baskets, Stripping plate, Sulzer mixer, Sulzer nozzle, Support guide sleeves, Support plate, Support plates, Support screens, Supports, Suspension gear

T: Thread guide bar, Thread guide bar Barmag, Thread guide bars, Thread guide bars Barmag, Tips, Tools, Torpedo, Transfer piece, Tube, Tube and screw, Tubes, Tubes with mixing elements, Tubular die, Tubular extrusion die, Tubular heat exchanger, Twin screw extruder, Twin screw extruder

V: Vacuum piping, Vacuum pot, Valve, Valve housing, Vina filter, Viscor sensor parts

W: Wear ring, Wear rings, Wedge plate, Werner Pfleiderer filter, Wire fabric belts

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