Pyrolysis cleaning of hot runner systems

SCHWING can even thoroughly and carefully clean an overmolded hot runner system.

With each color change, material change and production stop it is always the question how to clean the hot runner from the remaining plastic residue so that it can be returned to the production line as soon as possible with the least damage.

Long internal runners make manual cleaning impossible. Cleaning with molten natural resin rarely produces the desired results. The same applies to the use of cleaning granulate or chemicals, which in particular is unsatisfactory in cleaning dead corners, complicates split geometry or pieces of glass fiber. In addition the chemicals and the removed plastic must be carefully disposed of as hazardous waste.

Thermal cleaning is the only sensible cleaning solution for overmolded hot runners and hot runner tools.

SCHWING cleaning systems are the first choice to clean hot runners, nozzles, distributors and screw tips of polymer or carbon residue without leaving residue or causing damage.

Optimum cleaning process for each hot runner

SCHWING provides the optimum thermal cleaning process for every hot runner size and shape:

  • INNOVACLEAN - Fluidized bed pyrolysis also for halogenated polymers
  • MAXICLEAN - Pyrolysis machines for extra large components
  • VACUCLEAN - Careful, but efficient vacuum pyrolysis

The advantages of these systems are in their excellent cleaning quality in very short cleaning times, in their suitability for glass reinforced materials as well their waste reducing and environmentally safe cleaning technology.

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