Resin and lacquer removal for electric motors / generators

Before repairing an electric motor or generator the resin film or lacquer film must be removed, so that the motor can be rewound.

Even if it isn't worth repairing, it is worth removing the resin so that the copper windings can be re-used or can be returned to the recycling cycle as homogenous copper.

The quickest and most efficient method of resin or lacquer removal is thermal cleaning, during which also the grease and other residues can be completely removed.

SCHWING provides optimized thermal cleaning processes for complete electric motors, large stators and rotors as well.

SCHWING cleans electric motors and electric generators for you

SCHWING also provides cleaning machines as contract cleaning for electric motors and electric generators. SCHWING cleans

  • Electrically driven DC machines such as:
    • Serial wound machines / Series motors
    • Universal motor / All current motor
    • Shunt wound machines / Shunt wound motors
    • Compound machine / Compound motor
  • Three phase machines / Three phase motors such as:
    • Synchronous machines as salient or solid pole machines
    • Asynchronous machines as single phase capacitor motors, AC motors / induction motors or shaded pole motors

Recycling pays!

The price for homogenous copper is significantly higher than the price for mixed scrap. A price example from 2014 (prices change daily): 130 Euro per tonne is paid for mixed scrap; for homogenous copper it was 4,000 Euro per ton. When considered in this way thermal cleaning of a large motor always pays dividends.

The more homogenous copper brought to the scrap metal dealer, the higher the price.

Depending on the condition of the electrical motor the copper can be sold in the highest "Millberry" category. Millberry copper describes a clean copper wire, which has a diameter of at least one millimeter. The wire must be bare and it may not have any residue on it that indicates any burning off. Also with oxidized copper coils, processing pays as it can always be sold as the slightly cheaper refined copper.

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